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Data Breach – What is it, What Causes it, and How to Prevent it

A data breach is a confirmed security incident in which sensitive, confidential, and otherwise protected information is accessed without any authorization. In no way, you could get back or permanently delete your personal health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), and trade secret after it is stolen. That’s the reason why you should not any non-professional service over on-site shredding company only to save a few pennies. Do you want to gather more reasons?

These days, many stories about massive data breaches pop up in the news very frequently. On May 4, 2019, DoorDash, a food delivery service based in San-Francisco, learned that a third party vendor is accessing their customer’s information. The data breach affected nearly 4.9 million customers, delivery drivers, and merchants. Not only the names, email addresses, and phone numbers were accessed, but the last four digits of the credit cards of some customers were also exposed. This particular data breach disclosed a significant amount of information, which affected the lives of delivery drivers worse than anyone else. They have had their driving license number compromised.

Another example of a data breach showed up on Oct 7, 2019, when the personal information of 92 million Brazilians was found for sale on underground forums. The population of Brazil in 2019 was examined to be over 210 million, which means the database covers 44% of the country’s residents.

Bleeping Computer, a computer help site founded by Lawrence Abrams, examined that the information on the dark web forums was accurate. It contained the name, date of birth, mother’s name, and tax-details, including taxpayer IDs.

So, what’s causes data breach? Is it a weak password or more than that? The missing software patches, lost or stolen laptops, etc. are some reasons why hackers have easy access to your information. Connecting to scamp wireless networks can make others capture your login credentials. Criminals use these login credentials to make an entry to sensitive systems and records.

Not only hackers and cybercriminals can cause data breaches, but government agencies can also inadvertently expose your information.

How to prevent data breaches from occurring? The most reasonable way to prevent a data breach is to involve commonsense security practices. These practices include penetration testing, using strong passwords, conducting ongoing vulnerability, applying malware protection and software patches on every system. Another way to protect your company is to write well-written security policies for employees and conduct awareness training. While disposing of your information, choosing the wrong shredding company can also push you in the well of complexity, insecurity, and defame. Not everything is about the company you choose for secure shredding services, the shredding service is also important. Also, an on-site shredding company makes sure your digital information is fully destroyed and kept away from outsiders until shredding.  Make sure not to avoid total shredding of all your digital data.

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